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The Nashville Trombone Academy gives high school students a first hand look into the world of studio musicians. The NTA was established in 2020 by Matt Jefferson, a studio trombonist and faculty member at Lipscomb University, with the intention of putting students into a professional recording environment. Based at Lipscomb University campus, the group is an official ensemble-in-residence and records annually at the famous Sound Emporium. Members come from Nashville and the surrounding area for weekly rehearsals to play, discuss, and explore music on a deeper level.
Members of the Nashville Trombone Academy must play their own individual part, a challenge not often afforded at the high school level. Taking that independence and combining it with the teamwork required of a small ensemble within the recording studio environment, creates a musical experience unlike any other.

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Trombone quartet… The idea doesn’t exactly bring a lot of inspiring images to mind, does it? In fact, I would guess it brings zero images to mind, if not something like this…

When I was in high school and started to take music more seriously, I had no idea of what a trombone quartet was (other than that there were probably four trombones involved). Little did I know that this musical medium would take my life from directionless to self-employed.
 Chamber music (as defined below) was a required class of all music majors so three of my trombone-playing friends and I created a trombone quartet.

While the main appeal for me was camaraderie and friendship (ie playing in a group with my buddies), the ensemble presented so many various opportunities for musical and personal growth. In band class, trombone players are always in a section, one among many, and can got lost in the masses. The responsibility of being the only player on the part really forced me to raise my level of mental focus. 

Here are the Academy logistics:

$250/month – four months

2 hours weekly coaching at Lipscomb University

Brand new piece of music, written and commissioned specifically for this ensemble, included in fee

Recording session for commissioned piece, included in fee

Video of recording session, included in fee

My goal with this Academy is to create an ensemble of empowered, self-confident young adults. I have faith in the notion that exposing students to elite musical experiences will encourage them to fulfill their potential not just as musicians, but as human beings.


I understand that not everyone chooses to become a professional trombonist as I did, but I do fully expect that this opportunity will allow each student to realize much more of their potential, wherever they choose to use it.


Without question, trombone quartet was the best thing to ever happen to me and my career. I look forward to sharing all those benefits with you and your students.



A glimpse of a viral Maniacal 4 video: Carry On Wayward Son, Kansas

This is an elite musicianship opportunity there is nothing more impactful upon a musical skill set than chamber music.
  • No conductor
  • Individual accountability
  • Responsibility to others within a small group
  • Developing the people skills required to be in a working environment
  • Teamwork
  • Self initiative
  • Creative, outside-the-box thinking
  • Real world musicianship

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